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Donna C. Stewart: Shorescapes

Emerging artist Donna C. Stewart is inspired by Lake Huron and the local landscape. Her work conveys the feelings of joy or solitude that our interactions with these places can bring. Donna believes that through informed, respectful interactions with the outdoors, whether it be through childhood play, sport, recreation or interest in the natural world, people come to understand and appreciate the environment and, ultimately, develop a desire to protect it. She thinks it is essential to the future of the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula that this concept be nurtured and celebrated through the arts that come from Ontario’s ‘natural retreat.'


Donna is involved with online and local art communities. She is a member of the non-profit “Shoreline Artists”, and established the group “Saugeen Bruce Peninsula Plein Air”. Donna’s work was included in the “Portraits of Resilience Project,” which was highlighted digitally in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s exhibition “I AM HERE: Home Movies and Everyday Masterpieces”. She has shown work at Federation Gallery, in Vancouver, B.C and Deep Water Gallery, in Wiarton, ON. Donna is a supporting member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Pastel Canada, and the Canadian Society of Painters of Watercolour. She has a B.A., a B.Ed., and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Technology-Based Learning.

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