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Jane Lusby-Lawrence is a visual artist living near Kemble Ontario.

She began painting at the age of 15 in her hometown of Amherst,

Nova Scotia.   The medium Jane uses is primarily oil on canvas.

Design and color are the current focus of her work. Many of the 

paintings reflect her interest in printmaking and children's book



Her subjects are often landscape-based and sketches are often

done from imagery gathered outside in nature.

Jane studied at the University of Windsor, Ontario and graduated 

in 1977 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art.  In 1978 she graduated

with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Prince

Edward Island and graduated with a Master of Arts in Fine Art from

Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina in 1982.

Selected Awards: Dr. Allan Pollock Award , Tom Thomson Art

Gallery juried show 1st place Award,  Tom Thomson Art Gallery

juried show Viewpoints 1st place Award,  MacDonald  Stewart

Art Center,Guelph Jurors Award , Blue Mountain  Foundation for

the Arts,Collingwood.Her work can be found in the Tom Thomson

Art Gallery permanent collection.

Artist Statement

This exhibition emerged from a new direction I have been

exploring emphasizing design plus colour. It has been interesting

to make works with a print-like quality using flatness of design

and vintage colours.

These simple shades of colour are one of the things I remember

from childhood storybooks. I like the imaginative quality this

brings.A number of these paintings done from gesture drawings

often seem like digital information that rolls across the surface

of the canvas, communicating to the viewer.


I have also enjoyed writing short poems. They are like word

pictures, and the paintings are like visual writing. Many

paintings hold memories of woodland walks and hiking on the

Bruce Trail. Nature is a recurring theme. My hope is that the

viewer experiences a child-like joy in exploring these images.

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